Video Game Tester Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about being a video game tester and game testing....

Q: How do I become a Video Game Tester?

A: To get started in becoming a video game tester, you need to join one of the websites above, then apply to get accepted into a video game testing job, and once you are accepted as a video game tester then you will get started.

Q: How much do Video Game Testers Make?

A: You really can make up to $100 an hour, but you would have to have had major game testing experience, and a really good resume. More realistically, expect to make anywhere between $10 - $20 an hour as a video game tester.

Q: What Jobs will i do as a Video Game Tester?

A: Will will test many games that are not released yet, or already released. As a video game tester, you will perform such jobs as find game glitches, bugs, areas needing improvement, evaluations, and many other tasks. Video game testers do lots of things for their video game companies.

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